Where does Mrs. Santa Claus live?

Where does Mrs. Santa Claus Finland live? Read the story!

Mrs. Santa Claus lives in the Northern Finland. Near the Northernmost mainland area of Reindeer herding.

There is an old red house built in 1949 among the fields. The house is built of a hundred years old and massive timber stocks with red wood staves on the outer wall. It has three rooms with an old-fashioned design and an exciting attick for the Elves!

Outside the house there is a separate sauna building where the elves bathe every Saturday at eight a clock. There is no heating system in the sauna cottage. Guess how cold it is for instance at -20C! It takes for a while to get it warm for bathing.

This house of Mrs. Santa Claus doesn’t look like the old brown cottage in Rovaniemi which was built of timber stocks, picked from Kemijoki River, for Mrs. Eleanor Roosevelt and President Roosevelt in 1950´s! The year Mrs. Santa Claus was born. 

A dream came true

Mrs. Santa Claus has now a house of her own. Dreams can come true!

There is sometimes very crowded in Santa Claus Village and Santa Park in Rovaniemi Lapland. Finland is still a country of Christmas and Santa, reindeer, snow, Polar Lights and now also Mrs. Santa Claus´s country. 

Why this residence of Mrs. Santa Claus is so special?

 Here are some reasons:

  • It is situated on the biggest island of the Bothnian Gulf 
  • it is situated on an island of stories and fairy tales  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hailuoto
  • the island is situated in the lap of the Bothnian Gulf outside a big city and an airport.  
  • you can find a unique and quiet atmosphere in the Nature and among the official National sceneries of Finland
  • you make a free trip on a ferry, pay a fee in a bus or a car
  • you may take (if you dare) an exciting trip by car on an ice road from February to March  https://youtu.be/C1pl0y8CBJM 

Lichen even on the courtyard

What more, there is plenty of reindeer lichen on the island, so much that it is exported to several countries of the world. They even make colored lichen walls! That is so fabulous, that it is nearly unbelievable! Even exported to several countries as they told us on Polarmoss.

There is still a lot of lichen left on the island and it is growing also on the ground of the Mrs. Santa Claus´s house, but it takes at least five years lichen to grow back.

  • What do you say to that, my Reindeer? Oh, you want lichen from the Fell of Ear, right? Syöte National Park? Romevaara? Ylläs?
  • You cannot have always get what you want but for Christmas you can wish for anything!
  • I just wish for a plenty of lichen!

Woodshed for birch firewood 

A grey building on the other side of the residence there is a woodshed, it is made of thin timber stocks, too. But the stocks are rather narrow with holes between them, since the wind should blow through the stocks and dry the firewood. 

  • You mean the rain rains from downside-up! Ha, ha, ha! 
  • Yes, it does, believe or not!

The elves like to play in the woodshed, they climb and hide there even if it is dangerous and wood pieces might come down and hit them. Sometimes they find birch nests between the stocks, but the birds have flown already to the South for a year. 


The sauna building from the 1940`s gives visitors a good steam that rises from sauna stove or heat of sauna. It is situated by the big trees and is a nice red cottage with an exciting history of the hiding elves from the 1940´s.

The wood for the heating needs to get dried before the elves can use it for the heating. Sometimes it is a bit difficult to light the fire in sauna oven, but the elves use the birchbark to light it up. That is the white surface from the birch.

The elves think that warming-up sauna is kind of philosophical, they carry first the firewood inside and then put the wood properly into the oven! The other oven warms up the sauna stones and the other warms up the water. Then they watch the fire!

Then the elves fetch cold water from a water plug with buckets. The path from the house to sauna is sometime very slippery because of the snow and ice! 

  • Can you be careful on slippery roads?

How to get to the house of Mrs. Santa Claus?

Take a flight to Oulu and from there a bus, then a ferry and the last one, a bus to the house in the middle of the main village. You have to ask for the place, costs and time for a private visit! Send your e-mail inquiries to info.mrssantafinland@gmail.com

Or follow our live channel coming to YouTube!

Meet Mrs Santa Claus on the first of December 2018!

the Gulf of Bothnia

Visiting Santa Claus Village in Rovaniemi by train

Visiting Santa Claus Village in Rovaniemi by train was, as I presumed, again an interesting day with many thoughts in the dark capital of the Magical Lapland. You know the sun does shine only a few hours there.

Lappland is state of mind.

It was the 5th year in a row I paid a visit to the land of Christmas that means to Santa Claus Village in Rovaniemi, Lapland.  With a camera and a phone. And a curious mind. Only this time I would also go and check how the elves are working in the Cavern of Santa, Santa Park

The Finnish train is reliable, so are the buses and taxis

The Finnish train is nearly always reliable, it is a safe way of traveling. Reindeer fly but I do not! My red car would also be a good choice, but the roads might be slippery even salted (reindeer lick it from the roads!).

This time I saw reindeer in Muurola from the train window. Magical!

The bus driver told that it has come more possibilities for some other bus companies to drive tourists from the railway station to Santa Park and Santa Claus Village.

Some taxi drivers from Oulu come also to Rovaniemi on the high Christmas season.

Some icons of Rovaniemi

There are icons of Rovaniemi like the bus station, post office, the candle bridge, hotel Pohjanhovi, architecture of famous Alvar Aalto (the reindeer city plan and Lappia house), Santa Park, Santa Claus Village, the darkness of the city. 

What has changed most is the business around Christmas in Rovaniemi?

You see more Christmas trees with bright lights and snow on them and some new buildings. Muumin statue of snow is not very original Lappish style, but very Finnish. The Moomin characters represent a Finnish philosophy of fairytales and freedom of acting.

A lot of young tourists from China hang around the city looking for photoshooting nice places. Young and smart people coloring the landscape in their Canadian Goose jackets, Burberry scarfs of other exclusive outfits. 

Forwardness in the Lappish lifestyle

The feeling you are nearing to Santa Claus Village is again very exciting and I see right away some changes which have happened in Rovaniemi since the last year. More red buildings, more colorful lights, more magic!

The lightning on the trees are just so beautiful! They might be more environmental-friendly lights! Hope it.

Tens of flags from different countries.

What if there would be some guiding for a visitor just in the front of the bus stops! Maybe it is too expensive!

The whole Santa Claus Village has become a more and more business like area of Lapland which is a good thing since it gives the local people more possibilities to live.

The locals also have to get to know the tourism which brings some issues people do not recognize easily. It seem the university of Lapland is bringing the scientific view to the ecological tourism in Rovaniemi.

Feelings of a Finn

Even we Finns feel a confused in our own country especially in Rovaniemi where there are so many languages spoken. Mrs. Santa Claus has a warm heart and she welcomes all nice people to Finland. Also the naughty lists are empty as far I have seen the collections of the elves which are brought to Santa.

There seems to be also companies of foreign origin in Rovaniemi

There seems to be also businesses of foreign origin which makes the atmosphere very interesting, forward looking, and helps Rovaniemi to develop their international services.

Finland encourages all the companies of tourism a lot with official financial resources

I long a bit for the tiny start of Joulumaa, the Christmas Country but I congratulate Rovaniemi for long-lasting efforts in the tourism business. 

There were some foreseeing people who believed in Santa Claus from the start like Niilo Tarvajärvi. I have seen how long a journey the locals have done!

About the amusement side!

Children from different countries play in red and black overalls.

The children are so happy when gliding down the hills, playing with the snow and playground made for them!

The parents or guides take such a good care of the children. I happened to listen to a Brittish lady telling a little boy of nine how to behave nicely. It was such a wise talk!

Reindeer are amazing and lovable wild animals

Reindeer starting to drive.

Then to reindeer! They are just amazing animals of the North. I love them. I love them when I get good photos and video of the reindeer trip of 400 meters. There are so interesting and beautifully lighted steps with nice lamps to shoot photos from the high bridge.

What a secret to be revealed!

Log house is being built

There you see an interesting log building of Mrs. Santa Claus which is supposed to be opened in February as it was said in a nice, new map of the area.

I love that house already, since some of the builders used to work in Lappajärvi where I was born!

Actually this piece of news should have been a secret, but since it now has been printed on the map, it no longer is a secret. Also the elves told about that for some time ago!

Mrs. Santa Claus will have a log cottage of her own in Santa Claus Village, 

Skillful hornwork

Mrs. Santa Claus teaches handicrafts and hornwork in a village called Saarenkylä. That is amazing! You may even count how many we really are!

Mrs. Santa Claus has also a house of her own in the Bothnian Sea!

Finally Mrs. Santa Claus Finland has a real but secret, old, red house on the Island of Stories, Hailuoto. In a very icy and cold landscape in the Bothnian Sea. That old house is open only for special visitors. 

A visit to Hailuoto, to Mrs. Santa Claus, is also very exotic since you take a ferry or ice road there from the fish harbor in March. Just thirty kilometers from the airport of  Oulu. For sure you hardly see any tourists there!

You really can enjoy the quietness of the nature in Hailuoto.

Notices in Rovaniemi 

Back to Rovaniemi in my thoughts and the visit to the famous city of Christmas! 

The bus drives in a special way first from the railway station to Santa Park, then to Santa Claus Village, but there is no bus straight from Santa Park to the city. It does not matter so much but it is good to know that.

People, tourists or service personal in Santa Claus Village are very international and you can see how they have been brought-up and what kind of manners they have. 

Nice behavior makes everybody happier

As a professional teaching Mrs. Santa Claus it always makes me happy to meet well-behaving children and – elves, reindeer, snowmen!

One credit I have to give to a young, probably Spanish, man in the Info at Santa Claus, where I asked how long it is to Santa Park. He told me that it is only 1,5 kilometrs there.

Rye-bread in the bag on the way to Santa Park

Only about two kilometers walk from Santa Claus Village to Santa Park.

Luckily I had some rye bread in my bag (as the Finns did in the old times), so I ate it while walking really two kilometers´ way to Santa Park in a nice, wintry and beautiful landscape among the snowy trees and the Finnish forest. Not very far!

Walking with ”sisu” like the Finns do regardless of the temperature or snow situation.

Traditional Red Finnish Country House of Mrs. Santa Claus Finland

An old red timber stock house with staves on in Hailuoto Island. Professionally renovated.
A traditional red country house in Hailuoto from the year 1949. Built from a hundred years old timber stocks. The house is renovated professionally and the structures are interesting.
Finland´s birthday on the 6th of December. It suits well to the Seasons! There are two candles   by the window as the habit is.

Joulumuori valloittaa Kesängin Tontun kanssa

Kuvaaja-Tonttu ehdottaa kiipeämistä Kesänki-tunturille

Tykkylumipuita Lapissa
Tykkylunta puitten päällä.

Joulumuorin pitäisi kiivetä erästä kurua pitkin Lapin tunturin, Kesängin, päälle. Tonttu tiesi, että sinne voi hiihtää talvella ainakin osan matkaa ja tulla suksilla ”siksakkia” alas. Sillä itsellään oli palava halu päästä valokuvaamaan Ylläksen tunturialue Kesängin päältä.

Tonttua jänistää, koska sitä pelottaa

Tontun aikeille kävi kuitenkin vähän hassusti. Tonttu rupesi itse jänistämään, kun se muisti, että Ylläksen Rumanniminen Kuru olikin niin jyrkkä ja vaikeakulkuinen ja kiemurteli korkealle Kesängin päälle. Ennen niin urhea Tonttu teki jos jonkinlaista metkua, jotta sen ei olisi tarvinnut sukset kädessä tai hiihtäen valloittaa Kesänkiä keskitalven pakkasilla.

Kuvaaja-Tonttu painaa menemään kuin juna.

Munkit ja kahvit maistuvat Kesängin kahvilassa

Kahvilassa Tontulle olisi maistunut useampikin munkki, mutta Joulumuorina oli pakko pitää sille ”kuria” ja lopettaa sen munkinsyönti. Uhkasin jopa soittaa Rovaniemelle Joulupukille, joten aivan hiuksenhienosti, lahjaton joulu -ajatus, taisi nopeuttaa Tontun matkaanlähtöä.

Muutama turisti tervehti meitä iloisesti.

Joulumuori Teija
Tämä hiihtäjätär oli etsimässä Lapissa Lumikenkämiestä. Vielä ei sitä ollut löytynyt.

Tämä Joulumuori on aito ja oikea Suomen Joulumuori, joka piirtää ja kertoo joulusatuja lapsille ja aikuisille. Tilaa Piirtävä Joulumuori! Puhelin 0414575185.

Kesängin päältä alkoi lasku alas. Ilman kommelluksia!

Rumannimiselle Kurulle kameroiden kera

Lähde matkaan Suomen kovimpaan tunturille nousuun, mutta pukeudu lämpimästi! Kerrospukeutumista, koska ainakin tunturni huipulla tuulee aina. Myös alas laskussa voit varautua kylmään viimaan. Posket pitää suojata kasvosuojuksella.

Reilun parinkymmenen asteen pakkanen, valkoiset hanget, nätit ladut ja Kuvaaja-Tonttu kameroineen! Taskussa puhelinkamera ja repussa oikea kamera lämpimän vesipullon kanssa. Kokeile samaa kavereittesi kanssa!

Joulumuori Teija
Lapissa on kiva pistäytyä tapaamaan hiihtokansaa kaikkien käytössä olevaan taukotupaan.

A Trip to Santa Claus Village

Children has to be taken care of in the cold Finnish winter weather

Traveling alone by bus and by train in Finland, finding a friend in a bus towards Santa Claus Village and getting a hug from a human Polar Bear, taking photos and videos was an exciting day tour to Rovaniemi.

Put on suitable clothes in the typical Finnish winter weather which is not very tourist-friendly.

There are also some authorities who are compelled to remark if your children are freezing. Let’s take care of the children together!

The cold and snowy weather is a reality after you have landed on the airport of Rovaniemi or at the railway station of Rovaniemi.

What was found there you can see on the video. Watch it!

What did Mrs Santa Claus find in Santa Claus Village?

This visit was made by train to Santa Claus Village, Rovaniemi, Lapland just before Christmas 2016. Thanks for these young people, who wanted to wish a Merry Christmas! They might be from Poland.

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Or send a photo of your school or home! We are waiting for it with our elves.

See you in Rovaniemi at Christmas Opening 2017! LIVE from Lapland!, if it is not too COLD!